The USA Disabled Hockey Section has instituted a new program, called the One Kid . . .One Sled . . .One Shot . . .A Hockey Player for Life! Program that is designed to help bring new players into the sport of sled hockey by initiating a loaner sled program for rinks and organizations who want to conduct “Learn to Play Sled Hockey” clinics but were prevented from doing so due to the lack of sleds and sticks needed to conduct such introductory clinics.

In traditional hockey programs, rinks and organizations conduct various types of  “Learn to Skate” programs utilizing existing skates from rink operated skate rental shops and/or from donations of used skates. For new players wishing to try sled hockey for the first time this was all but impossible as most rinks and/or organizations do not have the sleds needed to make this feasible.

Through a grant from the USA Hockey
The One Kid . . . One Sled . . . One Shot . . . A Hockey Player for Life! Program is easy to implement. If your rink or organization would like to conduct a “Learn to Play Sled Hockey” clinic, simply fill out the request form located on the USA Hockey website and click  Disabled Hockey on the left hand side and submit. Applications will be determined on a first come-first serve basis. The sleds and sticks

will be shipped directly to the rink you are conducting the clinic at three days before the date of the clinic. You are then required to ship the sleds back three days after the conclusion of the clinic. All shipping charges will be paid by USA Hockey. It’s that simple!Foundation, the USA Disabled Hockey Section through the One Kid . . .One Sled . . .One Shot . . .A Hockey Player for Life! Program has purchased 25 sleds of various sizes to be loaned out to rinks and organizations to be used to conduct “Learn to Play Sled Hockey” clinics.

This new One Kid . . . One Sled . . . One Shot . . . A Hockey Player for Life! Program will allow your rink or organization to open the doors to a whole new market of potential sled players. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and start a sled program within your rink or organization today.


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If you have Questions Please Contact J.J. O’Connor

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